Welcome to Harrico-Galler Drug Corp.

Harrico has been happily a part of the Midwood community for over 60 years. Our friendly staff knows each costumer by name and all of their individual needs. Here at Harrico, our customers are family.

John Gallagher

John has been an owner since 2001. He started at Harrico as a delivery boy in 1977, working at the pharmacy throughout high school and pharmacy school, before earning his pharmacy license in 1984. Having grown up in the community and serving it for 40 years, he has come to know every customer personally and considers them as part of his extended family.

Patricia Gallagher

Patricia and John have been married for over 31 years, raising nine beautiful children together. After most of their children had grown, she obtained her pharmacy technician's license. She is a dedicated and conscientious person who considers her customers as part of the family.

Avraham Shaye

Avraham is an RPh and has been a part owner in the pharmacy for over 12 years. He is a skilled pharmacist who greets every customer with a hearty hello. Avraham is a devout member of the orthodox community. He is married with 3 beautiful children.

Irina Shakarova

Irina is a former nurse who immigrated from Russia with her Family, has an extensive knowledge of vitamins and natural product supplements. She has been a devoted employee for over 12 years at Harrico Galler Drug. She exemplifies the independent pharmacy experience by knowing every customer by name and making them feel like they are a part of the Harrico family.

Roman Shteyn

Roman has been our very committed pharmacy technician for over 10 years. His pleasant demeanor and gentle approach brings a calming influence to the pharmacy.

Eugene Shteyn

Eugene is a Russian speaker who has been a delivery person at the pharmacy since 2001. He knows the community like the back of his hand and every customers specific needs by heart.