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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"They are very professional and personal with their customers. They are always trying to make things easier for you to get your prescriptions without a hassle. John and his staff are fantastic."

"They know my name without me telling them and greet me which no pharmacies do anymore. They always try to give me generic prescriptions so I don't waste money. I only go to this pharmacy."

"The best pharmacy. They actually called me if I wanted them to deliver my Meds and renew one Med for me. They actually know my name when I walk in and are friendly. This is a very nice family run drugstore . Don't go to the big chains when you can get personal care"

"Very friendly staff and they deliver. My favorite pharmacy in Brooklyn. They are honest and try to help you. They also have food and drinks. They know my name before I talk to them. You can call them after hours in an emergency. They deliver Meds too."

"Courteous. Fast service. Family owned. One of the last devoted business owners! Insurance accepted. Pharmacists answer questions. Carries large selection of over the counter medicines , surgical supplies and everyday needs. Prices are as good as the big chains if not better."

You can help Robinson Family Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Googleand Yelp - thank you!